Forest Management

Managed woodlands provide the highest level of diversity and resilience to maximise personal gains for current and future generations.

From small broadleaved woods to large conifer plantations, all woods and forests share a common need for management to maximise a wide range of benefits that will define the woodland ecosystem for decades or even centuries.  This process of management is a specialist skill that requires technical knowledge and experience, as well as expertise in interfacing with the regulatory environment if the owner’s objectives are to be realised.

Our team of dedicated managers hold a wide range of specialist skills to provide expert forestry advice for the owner on an on-going basis.

Our knowledge and experience brings benefits in strategic planning, implementation and operational delivery, as well as in relation to pest and disease issues, grant availability, regulatory compliance and wider opportunities within the rural sector.

Good forest management requires planning and vision, and is underpinned by a manager’s continuous involvement. The benefits of this approach extend into the long term, where management interventions can be adapted in response to growth to ensure the desired objectives are met.

Forest managers provide a woodland owner with active guidance and support through the various decision making and planning processes inherent in forestry. This would include the preparation, and annual revision of, rolling three year budgets so the woodland owner can see the expected cash flow and the managers have an approved financial framework within which to operate.

Once an owner has approved the budget, the manager begins the implementation of the programme of work. This could include any of the operations required, e.g.

  • Establishment and maintenance of young crops
  • Marketing and harvesting timber
  • Maintenance of physical aspects, e.g. fences, gates, roads and tracks
  • Capital work: road/track construction
  • Ecological enhancements
  • Wildlife management
  • Enhancement of sporting value
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