Tree Safety

Landowners have a legally binding duty of care in respect of their trees, particularly those close to rights of way and in areas with public access.

Trees are living organisms and it is entirely natural for them to drop branches and, when they eventually reach biological maturity, to fall.  Even before they reach maturity, they can be subject to a wide range of external factors, such as wind, disease, hydrology, development, management of adjacent areas under different ownership, and many more. Consequently, there is a risk of damage or injury when a tree falls, and it is necessary to have a robust and defendable system in place to ensure the risk is managed so as to be as low as practicable.

To assist woodland owners in their management of tree-related risk, Pryor & Rickett Silviculture have a team of appropriately qualified staff who can:

  • Draw up a Tree Safety Policy for the Estate
  • Carry out, from the ground only, Visual Tree Assessments based on industry standards and recommend remedial works where necessary
  • Specify, tender and manage contracts for tree surgery work
  • Maintain records
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