Valuation of a woodland measures its value in relation to market trends, biological growth and change in condition arising from management.

The reasons for commissioning a valuation may vary, ranging from assessments for probate to guidance for tax planning or the measurement of incremental increase in value of a commercial investment. In each case, such an assessment will require analysis of the current condition of the woodland which, if not currently managed by us, would normally require a visit to the property. This can be an important in providing a full appreciation of the inter-relating factors that affect property values in order to derive a figure in which an owner can have confidence.

At Pryor & Rickett Silviculture, we have three experienced members of the team who can guide a woodland owner through a woodland valuation assessment to meet the individual requirements. If we can provide any assistance in this area, or if you would like to speak to someone in more detail, please call the number opposite or contact us via the form below:

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