Retained Consultant

Designed to help owners maintain close control of the management of their woods, backed by our wider experience and market knowledge

Our retained consultant service provides a balance between our providing occasional professional advice and our more hands-on forest management service. Many owners enjoy managing their woodlands themselves, and on larger estates perhaps employ one or more woodsmen. However, sometimes woodland owners feel the need for expert advice on a regular basis, or require us to undertake specific aspects of management.

In these cases we tailor our input to suit our client’s needs but some examples are given below.

  • Drawing up annual work programmes and advising on implementation through quarterly, half-yearly or annual visits.
  • Preparing long-term plans and Grant Scheme applications.
  • Assisting with getting a woodland ready for certification.
  • Preparing and implementing harvesting plans and marketing the timber.
  • Providing technical advice on specific silvicultural challenges, tree protection and vermin control.
  • Advising on Tree Safety and Tree Health matters.

This service enables owners to retain close control and direct involvement with their woodlands, whilst still enabling them to benefit from the wider experience, contacts and market knowledge which we as full-time professionals can provide.

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